Accident with Rollover

Today Company 59 was dispatched to an accident with injuries with rollover. Chief 59-1 went in route within a couple of seconds of dispatch. Chief 59-1 got on scene and advised that the occupant was out of the vehicle and there were no injuries. Rescue and Engine 59 went in route as Chief 59-1 was giving the crews the update. Rescue 59 got on scene Lt. Campbell checked out the Driver and FF C. Zimmerman & FF J. Lenker checked the vehicle for fluids and any other hazards. Engine 59 staged on the side of the road. Once the vehicle was found to have no hazards the crews waited for Pennsylvania State Police and the Tow Company. The box was placed in service after about an hour.

Command: Chief 59-1

Engine 59
Rescue 59
Fire Police

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