Daycare Visit

Yesterday was a really busy day for Company 59. It was visited by the Daycare “Tomorrow’s Children” of Middletown. The group of 13 children had a blast while at the firehouse. The children had a ride on Engine 59, a lesson on Fire Safety along with a trip through the “Smoke House.” While the children were learning about fire safety and what to do in an emergency FF Justin Lenker also demonstrated what a firefighter would look like and wear while in a fire; he even went though the smoke house with the children. After the lesson on fire safety, the children got to feel what it was like to put out a fire. The firefighters set up a “Mock” house with wooden flames and the children got to put the “fire” out with a fire hose. The children also got to see all of the vehicles, tools and equipment that the fire department has to offer. The children had a great time and so did the firefighters involved. We really would like to thank the children for the cookies they baked just for us, they were delicious and did not last very long.

FF Justin Lenker
FF Mike Sharp
FF Justin Pozoic
JR FF Kenny Martinez
Capt. William Rust (Driver)

Units: Engine 59

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