Elevator Rescue at Penn State Harrisburg

In the early morning hours, company 59 was dispatched to Penn State Harrisburg for an Elevator Rescue. Chief 59 went in route within a couple of minutes along with Rescue 59. Chief 59-1 also went in route right behind the rescue once leaving the station. Chief 59 got on scene and advised of an elevator stuck with three occupants inside. The rescue got on scene, grabbed tools and went to work. Lt 59-1 (Campbell) got the first floor doors open and found the elevator was stuck between the first floor and the basement floor. The other crewmembers went to the basement to secure the basement elevator door. Once both doors were open, Lt 59-1 secured the power to the elevator and made sure the elevator car wasn’t going to move. Once this was established, the rescue crew proceeded to get the occupants out of the elevator, using a little giant ladder. We got the occupants out in a matter of minutes.

The box was cleared a few minutes later.

Command: Chief 59

Command 59 Vehicle 1 & 2
Rescue 59
PSU Police

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