Shed Fire and Motorcycle Accident

Last night, Company 59 was dispatched to a shed fire in the area of Banger Drive. Engine 59-1 responded within a few minutes of dispatch with a full crew. Chief 59-1 got on scene along with the Engine 59-1 and found a transformer had tripped sending a wire on the shed that was arching and smoking. County was advised and a pole number was given to PP&L. The event was clear within 45 minutes.

A few minutes after the shed fire was dispatched and Engine 59-1 and Chief 59-1 got on scene. While driving to the scene, Captain 59-1 had found a motorcycle had laid down his bike due to the slick road conditions from the rain. As this was all unfolding Engine 59 responded to the shed fire and diverted to the accident to assist Captain 59-1. Engine 59 got on scene and assisted with patient care and secured the bike. The accident was clear within a half of an hour.

(Shed Fire) Chief 59-1
(Accident) Captain 59-1

(Shed Fire)
Engine: 59-1, 55
Truck: 50
University EMS

Engine: 59, 59-1
University EMS

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