Structure Fire in the 59-7 Box

Today, Company 59 was dispatched to a structure fire in the area of 1000 Strites Road at Strites Orchard. Engine 59 was out the door within minutes of dispatch, Engine 59 arrived on scene conducted a 360 of the structure and reported that there was still a smoke condition but no visible fire. Engine 456, Engine 59-1, Tanker 59 and Rescue 59 were all enroute to the fire. The crews arrived on scene and sent there manpower forward to the structure. The crews opened up the ceiling, walls and checked for extention which none was found. Command down graded the box to Company 59 units and Engine 456. Then a few minutes later just held the box to Engine 59. The event was clear within an hour.

Command: Capt. 59-1

Engine 59
Engine 59-1
Rescue 59
Tanker 59
Engine 456
Fire Police
Fire Marshall

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