Accident with Rollover

Last night around 11:00 PM, Company 59 was dispatched to an accident with rollover. Chief 59-1 went in in route within a few moments after dispatch. Dispatched advised the accident was in the area of the airport connecter but chief 59-1 arrived in that area and did not find any vehicle. Rescue 59 went in route within a few minutes along with Engine 59 and Engine 59-1. After a few moments the correct area was found being after the Union Street Bridge. Rescue 59 and Engine 59 arrived on scene and found a single vehicle with one patient out of the vehicle. Rescue 59 crew assisted with patient care and secured the vehicle. The box was clear within 30 minutes.

Command: Chief 59-1

Rescue 59
Engine 59
Engine 59-1
Command 59
University EMS

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