4 Runs for the Day

Today, Company 59’s crew was busy on 4 runs. Company 59 was dispatch for an automatic fire alarm, only to soon be placed back in service.

Command: Chief 59
Units: Engine 59

A few hours later Company 59 was dispatch for a structure fire in the area of Bonnie Blue Road. Chief 59 assumed comand while Engine 59 crew went interior. The interior crew arrived to find flames from the stove which was quickly knocked down with a dry chemical extenquisher. The 59 crew vented the house with fans and was placed back in service.

Command: Chief 59
Engine: 59
Rescue: 49
Truck: 46

Soon after being placed in service, Company 59 was dispatched for a working Tractor-Trailer Fire on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Tanker 59 and Engine 59 went responding. Engine 59 arrived on scene to find a the rear of the Tractor-Trailer engulfed in flames. Live-in members pulled off a Compressed Foam Line and extinquished the fire. Company 59 crew was placed back in service after 45 minutes.

Command: York 68
Engine: 59, 55, 68
Rescue: 49, 50
Tanker: 59, 68
Turnpike Commission

After returning from the vehicle fire company 59 was dispatched to assist Lower Swatara Police Department with fluids on the roadway at the Penn State Campus. Lt-59 went responding and the event was cleared in about 10 minutes.

Command: Lt-59
Utility 59

trailer fire 09142009 cdb 25111

Photo Courtesy of CHRISTINE BAKER, The Patriot-News

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