Accident with Confinement on the Boulevard

Today, Company 59 was dispatched to an accident with confinement on Eisenhower BLVD at Wendy’s. Capt. 59-1 responded, once arriving on scene, he stated, he had two vehicles involved with multiple injuries with one patient confined in the back seat.

Rescue 59 responded minutes later. Once Rescue 59 arrived, the crew went to work stabilizing the vehicle. Once the vehicle was stabilized, the patient was secured inside the vehicle.

Utility 59 responded with a crew of three along with Rescue 50, once they both arrived on the scene they assisted with patient packaging of the other three patients. Once that was completed the crews helped with extraction of the patient in the back seat.

As advised by command, it was in the best interests to vertically extricate the patient out the back window of the vehicle. Command requested the back window to be taken out; the patient was covered to be protected so no glass fell on the patient. FF Lenker proceeded to break the back window. Once this was completed, crews extracted the patient onto a backboard. All patients were taken to local hospitals, were they are now recovering.

Command: Captain 59-1

Rescue: 59, 50
Utility: 59
University EMS
Swatara EMS
Fire Police: 59, 49

Photo’s Courtesy of WHTM News & Lower Swatara Fire Department

WHTM News Report:

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