Structure Fire at Tyco Electronics

Tonight, (12/2) Company 59 was dispatched to an automatic fire alarm at Tyco Electronics. Chief 59-1 arrived on scene with nothing showing on all sides. Engine 59-1 took the alpha side of the building to connect with the fire department connection while Engine 59 took side B of the structure.

All crews met (E59, E59-1) and started a walk down of the building. Lt. 59-1 (Campbell) observed a room at the end of a hallway with smoke. Lt. 59-1 advised command of a working fire, command advised county to strike a first alarm due to the size of the building. The crews inside split up to attack the fire with water cans while a line was pulled. The interior crews in the fire room knocked the fire down with two water cans. The interior crews also check for extension which very little was found, due to the sprinkler system in the building.

Crews from various companies assisted with ventilation, overhaul, and clean up. A big thank you goes to all the companies involved.

Command: Chief 59-1

Engine: 59, 59-1, 88, 49
Rescue: 59
Truck: 456, 46
Air: 41
Tanker: 59
Utility: 59
Traffic: 59, 91

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