Freezing Rain brings accidents throughout Dauphin County

This morning, rain and cold weather brought slick conditions on the roadways throughout Dauphin County. Company 59 was dispatched to 283 in the area of the Susquehanna Bridge with a multi-vehicle accident. Rescue and Chief 59 were in route to the accident, once arriving we had one vehicle that spun out not involved with the initial accident with no injuries. Then the rescue crew attended to the other accident involving three vehicles in the median. The crews found two persons, one with no injuries and another with a nose bleed that refused treatment. The other vehicle was empty with the driver leaving the scene. The rescue crew check for hazards which none were found. The event was clear within 15 minutes.

The rescue then continued to Vine Street to assist Middletown with a multi vehicle accident which once arriving was placed in service due to no injuries. While operating at both accidents, Capt. 59-1 found an accident on the airport connector with no injuries. Capt. 59-1 stood by until PD arrived and assisted with traffic control to slow down vehicles on the connector. All the crews were out for about an hour and a half.

Reports from Pennsylvania State Police say over a hundred accidents were reported throughout Pennsylvania due to the freezing rain. Please, BE CAREFUL while driving in slippery conditions.

Command: Chief 59

Engine: 59
Rescue: 59
Command 59
Capt. 59-1
University EMS

Pictures from Vine Street Accident from Middletown (88)

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