Hazardous Materials Incident

Yesterday, Company 59 was dispatched to turnpike industrial drive for a HAZMAT incident. Chief 59 responded within two minutes of dispatch. Once arriving, The Chief was told a forklift flipped a box containing four, three hundred pound batteries and one was broken open and compromised. Chief 59 told Dauphin County of a major leak of battery acid of about 48 gallons on the roadway moving down the hill. Rescue 59 responded with a crew of five personnel. Once arriving, command advised them to start damming the fluids and to prevent the fluids from getting into the storm drain that was about 150 feet away from the main spill site. The crew successfully secured the fluids and monitored until Hazmat could arrive on scene to take over with the clean up. Hazmat arrived and took over the scene, once doing so the box was placed in service. The crews were out for about an hour.

Command: Chief 59

Rescue 59
Command 59
Penn Department of Transportation
Car 59
Hazmat (77)
Fire Police

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