Tanker Pump Test and Prop Build

Monday (3/8), the company held their weekly training, with the crew that was available. We started to build one of a series of props for training purposes. This prop will be utilized to train the crew members for bail out situations out of windows and also to gain proper access for entering windows inside a residence. This prop would be useful for performing quick drills around the firehouse that can be incorporated into more full scale drills at a later time. It would also be handy to have set-up at the firehouse during inclement weather that makes training outside a challenge.

Wednesday (3/10), a crew was assembled to help FF/Instructor D. Myers with the pump test for Tanker 59. The crew went to Tri-County Boat dock to do the drafting portion of the test. The crew spent about two hours doing the pump test with Tanker 59. The tanker preformed as expected, very well. The crew then held a mini-pump class instructed by FF D. Myers, he explained the tanker pump panel and allowed the up and coming apparatus drivers to pump and get familiar with Tanker 59.

Command: Chief 59/FF Myers

Tanker 59
Utility 59

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