(Delayed Post) Stubborn Chimney Fire in the 88 Box

Around 6:00 a.m. on Sunday Morning, Engine and Rescue 59 were dispatched to the 88-2 box at 711 East Main Street in Middletown for a chimney fire. Engine 59 responded with five personnel and Rescue 59 responded with three personnel. While Engine 59 was enroute to the location, Engine-Rescue 88 was updated that the caller reported heavy smoke and fire from the chimney. Engine-Rescue 88 dropped the supply line at a nearby hydrant while Engine 54 took the hydrant for Engine-Rescue 88. Capt. 88 sized up the building and requested the box be upgraded do to the building size a conditions present, which was confirmed heavy smoke from the chimney. Engine 59 arrived and staged then was instructed to make access into the crawl space above the apartments to check for extension, no smoke or fire was present once access was made into the crawl space. The 59 crew then took up other assignments to assist the interior crew with extinguishing the stubborn fire once numerous attempts were made with Chimney Bombs (dry chemical agent), “Dropping the Chains” and after many PW (pressurized water) extinguishers were utilized. Crews worked for over an hour and a half to extinguish this very stubborn chimney fire.

Command: Chief 88 (Wealand) & Capt. 88 (Whitebread)

Engine: 59, 88, 54, 46, 7-4-2
Rescue: 59, 88
Truck: 88, 46
Utility: 54

Photos courtesy of Middletown Fire

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