Busy Night For Company 59

On Friday, April 30th, Engine and Rescue 59 were dispatched to Middletown for a structure fire. Engine 59 responded with eight personnel, in route to the scene, all units were updated with Middletown police department on the scene with heavy smoke and fire with possible fire threw the roof. Moments later Rescue 59 went responding with six personnel. Engine 59 arrived on location with smoke and fire visible from side A of the structure, the crew pulled a 1 inch and 3/4 attack line and started fire attack on the adjacent attached dwelling and also assisted with throwing ladders. The crew was met on division two with heavy smoke and heat, as the crew made it to the third division conditions worsened dramically with intense heat and heavy smoke. The crew made an attempt to attack but was pushed back. The crew then regrouped and decided a method of attack and went back up to division three and vented the windows along with starting to pull ceilings, walls to get to the fire. The rescue crew assisted with the engine crew with the attack. As the fire was knocked down by 88 and 59 crews, extensive overhaul had to be done which took several hours to complete with varies companies from all over the area coming in to help.

Command: Chief 88
Operations: Chief 88-2

Engine: 59, 88, 88-1, 54, 55, 48-1, 41, 46 & LC7-4-1 (RIT)
Rescue: 59, 88
Truck: 88, 46, 48, 50
Air: 41
Utility: 54
EMS: 7, 4, Leb180 (Rehab)
FM 88
Middletown PD

Photos Courtesy of Jason Coleman-Cobb
http://www.capitalcityfirephotos.com for more PICTURES!

After the Engine and Rescue returned to quarters, Tanker 59 was dispatched to Hummelstown for a smoke in a structure. Tanker 59 responded with two personnel, once arriving sent manpower to staging. FF Lenker searched with the crews inside and found the source of the smoke being from a burning of a ceiling tile on a wall-mounted light. Once the source was found, command 46 started releasing units and Tanker 59 went available.

Command: Chief 46
Engine: 46, 48-1
Rescue: 88, 46
Truck: 46, 88, LEB 1-1
Air: 41
Tanker: 59

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