PPC Class

Today, May 8th, The Lower Swatara Fire Department and the Petroleum Products Corporation held a eight hour informative class about managing petroleum storage tank emergencies. The class was taught by Gregory G. Noll from Hildebrand and Noll Associates, Inc. The class was attended by about 100 persons from many different departments all around central Pennsylvania. Lower Swatara held the class also for the local departments as the township has a large petroleum storage and fill site on Eisenhower Boulevard at PPC and Harrisburg International Airport. This was a great class and we are very happy with the turn out at this class. We would like to thank PPC for their continued help.

Companies Attending:
Lower Swatara 59
Middletown 88
Highspire 55
Swatara (Chief 91)
Harrisburg International Airport FD 70
Dauphin County HAZMAT Team 77
Harrisburg Bureau of Fire
Lebanon Hazmat 50
York Hazmat 91
Lancaster Hazmat 2-9
Cumberland Companies: 20, 40
and many others.

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