Outside Fire in the 55-1 Box.

This morning, May 22nd, Engine 59 was dispatched to 185 second street to the rear of Fisher Auto Parts for an outside fire. Engine 59 responded with four personnel, as units were arriving they had several tractor trailers involved with fire, full of pallets and a few hundred of pallets on the ground involved around the trailers that were in some places twenty feet high. Engine 59 arrived, took the hydrant on industrial road and laid in a supply line. Engine 59 crew pulled three pre-connected one inch and three quarter handlines and flowed CAFs (Compressed Air Foam) thru the nozzles to knock the fire down. The crew also pulled a two and half handline and also flowed the deck gun to cool down a trailer adjacent to one of the trailers burning. The crews were successful in stopping the fire before it got worse. In the area of the fire had more pallets and more trailers full along with trailers full of asphalt. Truck 50 arrived to hit the spots that the crew could not get to, due to the fire load of pallets in the trailers, with there monitors on the bucket of the truck. Engine 59 almost emptied the 50 gallon foam tank so utility 59 responded to assist with foam operations at the scene. Once the fire was knocked down, Highspire Borough brought in a backhoe to pull apart the trailers so the crews could gain access to the smoldering pallets

All the crews at the scene operated for over three hours putting out the fire and cleaning up. All the crews at the scene did very well in controlling the fire and keeping it in check.

Command: Chief 55
Operations: Chief 55-2

Engine: 59, 55, 55-1, 41
Rescue: 88, 50
Truck: 50
Air: 41
Utility: 59
Fire Police: 54, 88, 55, and 50
Highspire Police Department
Lower Swatara Police Department
Highspire Public Works

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