(Delayed Post) Texas Industrial Firefighting

Last Week, May 16th thru the 21st, four members were sent to Texas for a week long industrial firefighting training class hosted by Williams Fire and Hazard Control. The class was paid for by a FEMA grant that the station applied for in 2009. The Lower Swatara Fire Department applied for this grant due to having a gasoline and ethanol plant in the first due of Lower Swatara Township. The class had over 150 participants from all over the world from oil companies, career and volunteer fire companies.

The class started Monday morning with classroom activities that explained different bulk tank storage facilities and how they apply to firefighting. Tuesday morning was more classroom along with demonstrations at the field to show what we will be doing the following day along with getting to see and use varies equipment. Wednesday was the hands on day with four different hands on stations which all included live fire with a series of burns at each station. Thursday was the wrap up of the class that the participants looked at varies case studies of accidents all around the world dealing with bulk storage facilities.

The 59 crew got to use various equipment from huge pumps that flowed 4000 to 6000 gallons of water per minute to the use of purple K extinguishments and foam applications along using many different types of monitors and Daspit tools.

It was a great training and the participants came out with a lot of knowledge that they can bring back to the station to review with all the other members in case of an emergency at Petroleum Products or any other bulk storage facility in the area.

Command: Williams Fire and Hazard Control

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