Swatara Barn Fire

Late Last Night, May 25th and into the early morning hours. Box 49-1 was transmitted for a working barn fire in the area of Highland Street. Tanker 59 was dispatched due to the lack of hydrants in the area. The tanker responded with two personnel and was advised to take Highland Street and get ready to give water. Tanker 59 arrived to find a fully involved barn. As the tanker crew went to work, Engine 59 was dispatched and responded with a crew of eight. Engine 59 took the hydrant at Eisenhower BLVD to boost the pressure of that hydrant since it could not supply the engines down the road.

The Engine crew then reported to manpower and was advised once the major fire was knocked down, Engine 59 was to switch off the hydrant with Engine 30 and send the (Compressed Air Foam System) CAFs Engine 59 to the front of the fire building to CAF the barn. Engine 59s crew pulled a three inch handline along with getting truck 50 set up to flow CAFs from the bucket of the truck. The crews did just that for about an hour and a half. The crew then was placed in service by command 49, shorty after some clean up was done. The crew was out for about four hours.

Command: Chief 91 and 49

Air: 41
Engines: 59, 41, 49, 44, 45, and 30
Rescues: 44, 49, 40
Squads: 45, 44
Tankers: 59, 54
Trucks: 50, 456
Utility: 54

This morning, May 26th, Box 49-1 was again transmitted to the barn fire for a rekindle. Tanker 59 was dispatched along with Engine 49 and 41. Tanker 59 arrived on the scene and was advised to stage and wait for additional resources, (township workers with backhoe) to get to the smoldering hay and barn pieces. Truck 456 and Tanker 54 was also dispatched shorty after our arrival for assistance. Command 49 wanted the truck to set up and the two tankers to feed them with water, as we did. The hot spots were extinguished after four shuttles of water each. Tanker 59 was then released by command 49 and the box was placed in service. The crew was out for about three hours.

Command: Chief 49 and Chief 91

Engine: 49, 41
Truck: 456
Tanker: 59, 54
Utility: 54
Swatara Public Works

More Excellent Pictures can be found at: CapitalCityFirePhotos.com

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