Two Structure Fires in 24 hours.

Yesterday, June 2, Box 59-3 was struck for a fire alarm. Engine 59 and Truck 88 responded, Engine 59 arrived at location and started to investigate. Engine 59 crew was met with a smoke condition in the warehouse from a burnt up buss duct. Command 59 then advised dauphin county communications of the find, and more units were dispatched for manpower due to the size of the warehouse. The workers advised the buss duct overheated and started arcing which started a trash can on fire. The workers in the warehouse extinguished the trashcan fire and removed it from the building. The crew cut the power to the buss duct and investigated the area for anymore heat and fire. The crews then started to ventilate the warehouse using natural ventilating from the truck bay doors and exhaust fans, the crews were out for about two hours.

Command: Chief 59
Operations: Chief 88-2

Engine: 59, 55, 46
Rescue: 59, 44
Truck: 88
Command 59
FM 59
Fire Police

Swatara Structure Fire
This morning, June 3rd, around 2 a.m., Box 49-3 was struck for a structure fire at a residence on South Harrisburg Street. Engine 59 was dispatched; Engine 59 went enroute with six personnel. Engine 59 arrived on scene as the third engine and sent manpower to Engine 49. The 59 crew was then instructed to take a line to the 3rd floor fire building and assist with extinguishment. The crew took the line up and was met with heavy heat and fire on the third floor. The crew extinguished the fire and started to pull ceilings to make sure all the fire was knocked down. After about a half an hour in the fire building, the crew switched out with other crews and returned to manpower. The 59 crew assisted with overhaul and other activities. After a couple of hours Engine 59 was placed available by command 49.

Command: Chief 49

Engine: 59, 49, 41, 456, 45 & 44
Squad: 45
Rescue: 49, 44, 40
Truck: 88, 50, 456
Air: 41
Chief 91
Swatara EMS
University EMS
Swatara Police
Fire Police

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