Co. 59 assists Co. 33 with 2nd Alarm Fire

Today, June 11th, Company 33 was dispatched to a working multi-residential fire with entrapment. Chief 33 arrived on scene with a working fire with people jumping out the third story. Companies 33, 32, 34, 35 arrived and started the aggressive interior attack looking for entrapped victims. Evacuation tones were dropped after a few minutes and all crews pulled out due to the amount of heavy fire on division two and three. The units then want into a defensive attack with master stream operations to knocked down the bulk of the heavy fire. After about an hour into the incident, command 33 asked for more foam and sent out a call to Co. 54 and Co. 59. Chief 59 answered the call and contacted another firefighter to get foam loaded into Utility 59 and respond.

After about ten minutes the Utility was loaded up and responding. Utility 59 arrived on location and took the loads of foam to Engine 33. Command asked if the crew could stay and assist with fire suppression, overhaul and salvage. The crew assisted interior operations for about three hours before being released.

Company 59 would like to commend all personnel for their professionalism and work ethic while operating at the scene. Great Job all crews!

Command: Chief 33

Engine: 33, 32, 32-1, 34, 35
Truck: 33, 35
Rescue: 40, 49
Utility: 59, 34
Air: 35
Traffic: 33
Squad: 33
American Red Cross
Pennsylvania State Police
Lower Paxton Police Department
Harrisburg City

Photos Courtesy of Company 32, 33 and

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