Agriculture Accident with Entrapment

Today, June 20th, crews were cleaning up after the ham dinner at the station. Dauphin County Communications dispatched Company 59 and Rescue 49 for an agriculture accident involving a commercial tractor in the 59-5 box. Lt. 59-1 (Campbell) responded immediately after dispatch, once arriving advised of a tractor flipped over with the driver underneath pinned and immediately with the mechanism of injury advised LifeLion should be put on standby. Rescue 59 responded within a minute with a crew of six, arriving a minute later, the crew started to stabilize the tractor along with patient care. After patient care was started the crews determined LifeLion was not needed. The crews then started to dismantle the rear of the tractor for better access to the patient and the patient was boarded and turned over to University EMS within a few minutes. The entire extraction took only seven minutes from arrival of Rescue 59 and once the patient was turned over to University EMS.

Great Job By All Crews Involved!

Command: Lt. 59-1 (J. Campbell)

Engine: 59, 59-1
Rescue: 59, 49
Command 59
Lower Swatara Police Department
University EMS
Fire Police: 59, 91

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