Ducklings in the Storm Drain in the 4 Box.

On Sunday Evening, June 27th, Chief 59 recieved an OIC page for ducks in the storm drain in woodridge. Chief 59 arrived and confirmed five ducklings in the drain with the mother duck very upset. Chief 59 tried to gain access to the ducklings but needed assistance, Chief 59 requested Engine 59-1 to assist with the extraction. Engine 59-1 went in route with five personnel with Chief 59-1 in tow. The crew arrived and started to pull off the storm grates and started to go to work on rescuing the ducklings. The crew had five ducklings in the drain with one being pulled quickly with the other four running up and down the drain away from the crew. The engine crew pulled a inch and 3/4 handline to flush them to the crew members which was successful on three of the ducklings. The remaining duckling was a little subborn and was halfway between a twenty foot pipe and wouldnt come out at all even with running massive amounts of water down the pipe. The duckling was left to work its way down the pipe and later that night, a crew went to pull the duckling out of the storm drain. It was a successful rescue and the mother duck was very greatful.

Command: Chief 59

Engine 59-1
Command 1 & 2
Utility 59

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