Field Fire and Working Vehicle Fire

Last Night, July 2nd, Tanker 59 was dispatched to Londonderry Township Box 54-1 to assist them with a working field/hay fire. Tanker 59 responded with two personnel. As Tanker 59 was responding, Box 59-1 was struck for a vehicle fire in the area of Spring Street. As Tanker 59 got off Pa Route 283 a visible column of smoke could be seen from the field fire. Tanker 59 continued to Londonderry once arriving, gave water to Engine 54-1 and sent manpower to help with extinguishment of the field fire. The field was well involved with a hay fire once Tanker 59 arrived. The fire was contained very well by the 54 & 59 crews and with the help of some tractors was knocked down rather quickly, within three hours.

As Tanker 59 was operating, 59 crews were operating at a working vehicle fire on spring street, Box 59-1. Engine 59 arrived on location with a working fire with Chief 59-1 running command. The Engine crew extinguished the fire within a crew minutes with very little overhaul work was done. Crews cleaned up and Chief 59-1 placed the box in service.

Field Fire Pictures Coming Soon

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