Utility & Foam respond to Hazmat Incident.

This Morning, July 27th, Utility 59 was dispatched to respond to the Clarks Ferry Bridge for a Hazardous Materials Incident. Chief 59 and the Utility 59 responded with 600 gallons of foam to the scene. Once arriving, the crew was updated of the situation. A tractor-trailer had flipped over and spilled the contents of diesel and gasoline. The Utility staged for about an hour and waited for further instructions by command 77. After about an hour, the Utility was to stage and hook up with Cumberland (Foam) Wagon 20 and DC Engine 33 to set up foam operations. The foam operations were set up within a few minutes and ready to deploy. The crews then stretched a CAFs (compressed air foam) line to foam the trailer to control the vapors so the truck does not ignite along with providing protection to the crews who were operating on the trailer. All the crews switched out performing different tasks until the truck was flipped back over and secured. After the truck was flipped over, the crews were told to start breaking down the foam operations and slowly the units started to go available. Contents of the truck did spill into the Juniata River and are being controlled by river crews with booms to contain the contents.

Great Job by all crews involved and the Foam Operations Crews!

Command: 77 & Perry 2

Ambulances: 13-1, 9-1, Perry 29, 109, 69
Boats: 37, 37-1, Cumberland 102, 103
Brush: Cumberland 20
Canteen 29
Car 216 (Jackson/Reed/Wayne Township EMA)
Captain 77
Engines: 33, 38, 29-1, Perry 2, 10, 8 (Fill Site)
FM 1
Foam: PPC Foam Trailer (59), Cumberland Wagon 20
Hazardous Materials: 77-1, 77-2, 77-3
Medic: 81
Rescues: 38, Perry 2, 9,
Squads: 37
Special Units: 37
Tankers: 29, 20, Perry 2, 12, 9, Cumberland 19, 20
Trucks: Perry 2
Utility’s: 59, 77

Dauphin Tanker 59 and Dauphin Engine 40 to Perry Station 2.
Engine 23 to Station 38.
Lebanon Engine 1-1 to Dauphin Station 29.
Cumberland Engine 2-39 and Cumberland Tanker 31 to Cumberland Station 20.

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