Mansion Fire in the 88-3 Box.

Early this morning, around 1:40 a.m., July 29th, tones dropped for the Engine & Rescue to S. Union Street and Keystone for a working fire at the Mansion House in Middletown. Chief 88-2 was on the street within a few seconds of dispatch with updated reports of a working shed fire that had extended into the Mansion. Engine 59 responded within a few minutes with four personnel. Chief 88 arrived to a fully involved two story building fire. Engine 59’s assignment was to take the hydrant at the old rescue house and lay in, to supply Truck 88 along with sending manpower to go to work. Engine 59 arrived took the hydrant and gave water to Truck 88. The crew then went to assist 88’s crews with fire suppression; heavy fire was showing on all sides. Command 88 ordered all personnel that this is going to be an exterior operation, no crew’s interior. The 59 crew grabbed a 1 inch and 3/4 line off of Engine 59 along with a 2 1/2 inch line and started to go to work with taking windows to get water into the structure. Truck 88 and Truck 50 started masterstream operations along with Engine 88 utilizing the wagon pipe. The Rescue 59 crew arrived and assisted the Engine crew with suppression. The crew’s worked for several hours to knock down the extensive fire on all sides. Once the major fire was knocked down, extensive overhaul and hitting hot spots was started until the early morning hours. Engine and Rescue 59 operated for over four and a half hours until being released by Command 88. Before leaving the crews broke down the five inch and repacked the lines. Engine and Rescue 59 were placed in service. Thank You to all the crews that helped with repacking the five inch, it was very much appreciated.

Great Job to all the crews involved at this incident.

Command: Chief 88-2
Operations: Captain 88
Manpower: Chief 55
Safety: 88, 46

Engine: 59, 88, 54, 46, 55, 48-1, ELC 7-4-1 (RIT)
Truck: 88, 50, 46
Rescue: 59, 88, 40 (RIT)
Air: 41
Rehab: Leb 180
Utility: 54
Traffic: 88
South Central EMS
Middletown Electric

Photos Courtesy of Tom Foreman

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