Working Fire in the 88-3 Box

This morning, Box 88-3 was struck for Engine 59 which was dispatched to 334 Ann Street for a working attic fire at a multi-residential residence. Engine 59 responded with seven personnel, once the engine arrived it took up the second engine assignment taking a near by hydrant and set up to supply truck 88 if needed. Lt. 59-1 (Campbell) took command while crews were inside operating, later being giving back to an 88 officer. The crews split up into teams of two or three. A two man crew went interior to assist Engine 88 suppression crews in the attic area. The other three man crew started to assist throwing ground ladders to the second and third divisions of the building. Engine 88 interior crew made quick work of the working attic fire. The interior 59 crew assisted with suppression with the Engine 88 crew, and then proceeded to starting extensive overhaul. The rest of the 59 crew started to take over the salvage operations on division one and two. After about an hour the box was reduced and the Engine 59 was released by command 88.

Command: 88 Officer and Lt. 59-1 (Campbell)

Engine: 59, 88, 54, 46, and ELC 7-4-1
Rescue: 88
Truck: 88, 50
Air: 41
Middletown PD
Fire Police: 88, 55, 54

Pictures Courtesy of Middletown Fire

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