Petroleum Products Corp. Tour

This Monday, August 23rd, the crews loaded up Engine 59 and 59-1 to go take a tour of PPC, which is located at 900 South Eisenhower BLVD for weekly training. PPC stores millions of gallons of various types of fuels from home heating oil, gas, diesel along with storing it they also move product via fill stations with the use of tractor trailers. The safety coordinator showed us around, we reviewed fire plans if there were an actual emergency at the facility. We reviewed the racking systems that the trucks use to fill their rigs with various fuels, the fire protection systems along with going down to view the tanks and most of the crewmembers even got a chance to get on top of one of the 100-foot diameter tanks that was about 75 ft in the air. The crew also got to see some of the industrial firefighting equipment that PPC owns and operates including the foam truck with nozzles and guns used for fire attack inside the facility. This is great training for all the crewmembers in case of an emergency. The fire plans are reviewed a couple times a year by all the crewmembers.

Command: Chief 59

Engine: 59, 59-1
Command 59

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