Kitchen Fire in the 55-1 Box.

This morning, tones dropped for Box 55-1 for a possible working structure fire. Shortly after the tones dropped the police department was on scene reporting heavy smoke from the residence, seconds later Chief 55 (Condrad) arrived on location confirming the report. The address was given as 264 Market Street. Engine 59 responded with five shortly after dispatch with rescue 59 responding a few minutes later with three. Engine 59 arrived on location and was told to send manpower to Engine 55 and go to work. The engine crew had heavy smoke from the first and second floor upon entry. Engine crews from 59 and 55 made entry and was encountered with a fully involved kitchen fire, the hoseline crew made quick work of the fire, knocking most of the fire within a few minutes. Rescue 59 arrived on location; the crew reported to manpower and assisted crews inside with overhaul. After the knock down of the bulk of the fire, pulling ceilings, primary searches were conducted along with checking for extension. The crews found a few pockets of fire in the ceiling area but stopped the fire from going out of the immediate kitchen area. As other crews were arriving, the first in crews started to switch out and salvage begun. The crews worked for about two hours before being released by Command 55.

Great Job by all crews involved!

Command: Chief 55 (Condrad)
Operations: Chief 55-2 (Tripp)

Engine: 59, 55, 55-1, 49, and 41
Truck: 88, 50
Rescue: 59, 50
Air: 41
Fire Police
Highspire and Lower Swatara PD

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