Structure Fire in the 49-1 Box.

Saturday around midnight, Swatara Township Fire Departments were dispatched to a house fire with reported people trapped. All Swatara fire departments responded along with Truck 50 and Rescue 88 for RIT. As crews were working hard on knocking down the fire that was reported on the second floor and attic area. Command after about 20 minutes into the fire, requested Engine 59 and 55 for manpower. Engine 59 responded with five personnel a minute after dispatch. Engine 59 arrived on location and reported to manpower. The crew waited in manpower until their services were needed by command 49. The engine crew was assigned to salvage on the fire building on the first and second floor apartments. While extensive damage was had in the building the crew did all they could to save what was left. Command also communicated that some Feline’s were missing and was assigned to start a search. The crew looked and discovered one scared cat in the front second floor bedroom. After a little struggle with the cat the crew managed to removed it from the apartment building and into awaiting EMS personnel until the cat could be given to the owner. After salvage and the search for the cat was done the crew reported back to manpower where command requested them to go available to cover the area.

Command: Chief 49 & Chief 91

Engine: 59, 49, 44, 55, 45, and 41
Truck: 456, 50
Rescue: 88, 49, 40, and 44
Air: 41
Squad: 45
Swatara EMS

Link below to Photos from the fire via Jason Coleman-Cobb

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