DCFD Training Weekend

This past weekend, four personnel went to the annual DCFD Burn Foundation Training weekend held at Washington D.C.’s Fire Department’s training grounds. The class had over 100 participants from all over the United States to learn how DCFD works the fire ground. The class had four parts, which two were held each day. The classes included: Engine Operations, Truck Operations, Rescue/Squad Operations and Firefighter Survival. The Engine class had the crew advancing handlines (Short & Long), high-rise evolutions, and hose management. The Truck class consisted of venting, ladders, forcible entry of doors along with more specialized forcing of security gates, security doors and barred windows. The rescue class consisted of search & rescue with the utilization of large area search bags; we also worked on the rescuing of a downed firefighter or civilian. The Firefighter Survival class consisted of bailouts along with the utilization of the “can” which is a flashover simulator. A flashover is defined as “the temperature point at which the heat in an area or region is high enough to ignite all flammable material simultaneously.”

The members learned a lot from the class and we would like to thank DCFD for hosting the event! It was a great experience for all the members involved.

A little about the Burn Foundation:

The D.C. Firefighters Burn Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by active and retired Washington, D.C. Firefighters. The Foundation is dedicated to assisting in the recovery and rehabilitation of injured firefighters and burn patients in the D.C. Metropolitan Area. We support burn research, treatment, and rehabilitation programs at Washington Hospital Center as well as the Children’s Burn Camp Program. Firefighters and members of the Burn Center have a special empathy for burn victims. No other group witnesses more of the devastation that fire wreaks on the human body and spirit.
Our board of directors is made up of active and retired D.C. firefighters and our membership consists of firefighters, medical professionals, burn survivors, and other interested volunteers from the community. All members of our organization serve on a voluntary basis.

Burn Foundation Website: http://www.dcffburnfoundation.org/
DCFD Fall Training Website: http://www.dcfdfalltraining.com/

A few pictures from the weekend:

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