Trailer Fire in the 88-2 Box

This Morning, around 0600 hours, Tones dropped for box 88-2 at Caravan Court for a reported structure fire. Engine 59 responded within a few minutes with a crew of four. Chief 88-1 went responding once arriving reporting a working fire in the trailer. Engine 88 arrived on location and the crew went to work with extinguishment. Engine 59 arrived on location and laid in to Engine 88 for water. Truck 88 staged and sent manpower. Lancaster 7-4-1 arrived on location for R.I.T (Rapid Intervention Teams) and started R.I.T operations. Engine 59 crew went to work with the 88-crew members assisting them with opening up along with suppression. Once the bulk of the fire was knocked down, the crew started overhaul of the area of origin to locate any hotspots which some were found and quickly extinguished. The crew operated for about two hours. Command 88 held company 88 with all other companies going available. The crews packed up the 1000 feet of 5inch supply line and went back in service.

The crews from 88 made a great stop of the fire. All the crews involved did a great job!

Command: Chief 88-1

Engine: 59, 88, 7-4-1 and 54
Truck: 88
Rescue 88, 59
Traffic: 54
South Central EMS
Middletown Electric

Photo Courtesy of E-Town Fire

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