Door Pop on 283

This afternoon, Company 59 was dispatched to an accident with injuries on PA 283 a mile before the airport connecter. Multiple calls were given with injuries with no airbag deployment. Rescue 59 responded with five personnel with FF D. Myers in the officer’s seat. Rescue 59 arrived on location with two vehicles, one in the median and one blocking traffic. All occupants were out of the vehicle blocking traffic. Rescue 59 officer D. Myers took Command with FF Lenker taking operations. The car in the median had one occupant confined in the vehicle with back and neck pain. The crew stabilized the patient and EMS took over patient care while the crew popped the driver’s door for extrication. The 59 crew popped the door and crews from 59 and 49 extricated the patient. Once the patient was removed the crews loaded her into the ambulance. After some fluid control the box was placed in service by command 59 (Myers).

Command: FF D. Myers

Rescue: 59, 49
South Central EMS
University EMS
Lower Swatara Police Department
State Police
Tow Company

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