Working Apartment Fire in the 88-4 Box

Engine 59 was dispatched to the 200 block of Canal Street in Royalton for a reported kitchen fire in the apartment complex. Chief 88 was on scene along with Chief 88-1 within minutes advising of a working fire on the division one apartment to the rear part of the complex. Engine 88 was on scene first and dropped a supply line about 700 feet from the residence and laid in. Engine 59 responded within a few minutes of dispatch. Engine 88 started knocking most of the fire that was showing from side deltas window and threw the front door. As Engine 59 was enroute command 88 requested two tankers due to the location of the residence in case of water supply issues. Truck 88 arrived on location and backed into the driveway to set up. Engine 59 arrived on location and sent manpower to Engine 88. The crew was instructed to search and advise of any extension on the second floor apartment. The crew forced the door to the residence and made its way thru the top apartment finding a good smoke condition but no visible fire in the apartment and searches were negative. The crew then proceeded to the fire apartment to assist the crews with extinguishment and overhaul. The crew rotated out and had the homeowner from the top apartment, telling us his cat was in the apartment could and asked if we can go find it. The crew started to look and finally, FF K. Hahn found the cat in the closet of the bedroom. The crew assisted with other tasks. Once everything was wrapped up the crew assisted with packing Engine 88 five-inch supply line. Engine 59 was then released by Command 88.

Command: Chief 88-1
Operations: Chief 88

Engine: 59, 88, 88-1, 54, 55 and Lanco Engine 7-4-1 (RIT)
Truck: 88
Rescue: 50
Tanker: 59, 54
Fire Police: 88, 59, and 54

Photos Courtesy of E-Town Fire and Jason Coleman-Cobb

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