Winter Driving Safety

As the first coating of snow fell this winter on Station 59 this morning, it was time to start talking about Winter Driving Safety. The last couple of day’s accidents have been accruing all over Central Pennsylvania caused by Winter Weather so this is the perfect time to talk about this topic.

From the DriveSafePa Website (

If the winter weather is in the forecast, try to limit all unnecessary travel. This will keep yourself along with your family as safe as possible along with allowing PennDOT to more effectively clear the roadways. If you need to travel, PennDOT offers a few tips for safe driving in the winter wonderland.

•Carry a cell phone.
•Do not use cruise control while driving on snow-covered roads.
•State law requires you to turn on your headlights when your wipers are on.
•Use your low beams in bad weather, especially in cases of heavy or blowing snow.
•Remove ice and snow from windows, mirrors and all vehicle lights as often as needed.
•Remove snow and ice from the hood and roof of your vehicle. State law states that if snow or ice from your vehicle strikes a vehicle or person and causes death or injury, you can be ticketed.
•Do not park or abandon your vehicle on snow emergency routes.
•Do not pass or get between trucks plowing in a plow line (several trucks plowing side by side).
•Make sure someone else knows where you are going and when you expect to arrive. In case you run into an emergency and need help, someone will know where to look for you.
•If you do become stranded, it´s better to stay with your vehicle until help arrives. Run the engine every hour or so, but make sure the tailpipe is clear and keep the downwind window cracked open.
•Do not drink and drive and always wear your seat belt.

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