Apartment Fire in the 88-2 Box

This morning around 9:45, Engine 59 was dispatched to a reported fire at 285 E. Main Street in Middletown. As Engine 59 went responding, it was reported by Middletown PD of a working fire in the rear of the residence in an unattached apartment, endangering the main structure. Chief 88-1 arrived on location confirming the report. Engine 88-1 arrived on location and laid in from E. Main Street to the rear of the residence. The 88 crew stretched one attack line and started to knock most of the fire down. Engine 59 arrived on location and assisted with extinguishment and overhaul along with pulling a second line as protection. Once the fire was knocked down and overhaul was completed, Command 88 released the mutual aid units, holding Company 88 and Engine 59 to help cleaned up. Engine 59 went available after about an hour.

Great Job to all the crews involved.

Command: Chief 88-1
Operations: Chief 88-2

Engine: 59, 88-1, 54, 55 and Lanco 7-4-1 (RIT)
Truck: 46
Rescue: 88, 59
FM 88-1
Fire Police: 88, 59, 46
South Central EMS
Middletown Electric

Photos Courtesy of Brian Glasmire

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