Working Fire in the 88-4 Box

Wednesday (2/2), around 3:15, Box 88-4 was struck for a possible structure fire in lower Royalton. Engine 59 responded with four personnel, moments after dispatch. Engine 88 went on scene with a working fire on side C of a 2.5 story house. Engine 88 laid in from a near-by hydrant and went to work. Truck 88 arrived on scene, throwing ladders to the second story windows. Engine 59 arrived on location taking a second hydrant and sending the crew to assist the initial attack crew inside. Command requested the 59 crew to do to division two to check for extension and a primary search. Lt. 59 and two firefighters made entry and found heavy smoke and started to vent along with check for extension which minor extension was found and extinguished by the initial 88 crew. Rescue 59 arrived on location sending the crew to staging. Once the house was vented, Command 88 held the box to company 88, Engine and Rescue 59 went available.

Command: Capt. 88 & Chief 88-2

Engine: 59, 88, 88-1, 54 & Lanco 7-4-1
Rescue: 59
Truck: 88, 50
MICU 7-3
FM: 88, 88-2

Photo Courtesy of E-Town Fire (7-4)

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