Dauphin County Awards Gaming Grant Money to FDLS

Dauphin County commissioners this morning agreed to hand out $8 million in county gaming money to 35 local projects of the 8 million, the Lower Swatara Fire Department recieved $400,000 to replace our 35 year old Rescue Truck.

The biggest beneficiaries in this year’s distribution are area fire companies, 10 of which recieved funding for equipment purchases, station renovations or expansions and other purposes.

The Lower Swatara Township Fire Department wishes to thank the Dauphin County Commissioners along with the Gaming Advisory Board for making this project happen. The Lower Swatara Fire Department also wishes to thank the Lower Swatara Township Commissioners, Representative John Payne, State Senator Jeff Piccola and all the local businesses for supporting us in our attempt to acquire a new rescue truck.

The new rescue truck will improve safety for our firefighters and increase functionality of the fire department. This Rescue will also increase our capability to respond to calls.

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