Near Miss on PA 283

This morning around 8 a.m., Company 59 and Truck 88 were dispatched to 1201 Fulling Mill Road for an automatic fire alarm. Engine 59 and 59-1 responded and investigated with Truck 88 taking side A of the structure. The crew found a faulty smoke detector. Command 59 (DeHart) placed the box in service with no incident.

Command: Chief 59-1 (DeHart)

Company 59
Truck 88

The second call came in around 9 a.m. with a vehicle accident with injuries on PA 283. Chief 59 went responding immediately and found the accident being West Bound 283. Rescue 59 responded with four personnel along with Engine 59 within minutes of dispatch. Rescue 59 arrived on location checking for injuries and checking the vehicles for hazards. No injuries were found with all the occupants were out of the vehicle. The battery was disconnected and no fluids were leaking. Upon investigation the vehicle was traveling West bound and lost control going thru the median and thru the East Bound lane, then proceeding down the embankment. The second vehicle was hit by the first vehicle and spun out onto the East Bound lane onto the shoulder of the road. Both vehicles were very lucky of not turning over or being even more severe injuries. After about 30 minutes, Command 59 (Furlong) placed the box in service with no fire department services needed.

Command: Chief 59 (Furlong)

Rescue 59
Engine 59
University EMS (4-1)
Lower Swatara PD
Pennsylvania State Police

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