A Chimney Fire & an Accident at McDonalds

Yesterday (3/10), Engine 59 was on its way back from a furnace malfunction in Highspire Borough when Box 88-2 was struck for a possible chimney fire on Aspen Street. Engine 59 was added to the box by Command 88. Engine 59 arrived on location taking the hydrant on Aspen and sending manpower. The crew was instructed to assist with interior operations. The roof crew dropped the chains and the clean out of the chimney began. Once the box was placed in service, Box 88-3 was hit out for another chimney fire. Engine, Truck 88 along with Engine 59 responded, the units arrived with nothing showing the crew made its way to the house and held the manpower outside. With no blockage in the chimney and no smoke inside and no heat in the interior walls, Chief 88-2 placed all units in service.

Command: Chief 88-2

Engine: 59, 88 & 54
Truck: 88

About two hours after the chimney fire, Box 59-2 was struck for an accident with injuries at the McDonalds. Rescue responded immediately with five personnel along with Chief 59-1 and Chief 59-2. The police department arrived on location with possible entrapment. Chief 59-1 arrived with a two vehicle accident with one off the road. Rescue 59 arrived on location with one occupant still in the vehicle with no entrapment. Chief 59-2 took operations with the rescue crew splitting up with two members taking patient care and the other looking for other hazards which none were found. The single patient was packaged and handed over to University EMS. Once the EMS took over the patient care the crew cleaned up the scene and waited for the tow. Once the tow company advised no services were needed, Chief 59-1 (DeHart) placed the box in service.

Command: Chief 59-1 (DeHart)
Operations: Chief 59-2 (Brown)

Rescue: 59, 88
Engine: 59, 59-1
Lower Swatara Police Department
Lower Swatara Fire Police
University EMS (4-1)
Daily’s Towing

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