Weekly Training At The Old 59 House

Monday, 3/28, Company 59 held weekly training, this weeks topic was vehicle rescue operations. Rescue 59 responded with a crew of six personnel with Lt. 59-1 (Hahn) in the seat. Engine 59 responded with four personnel with Lt. 59 (Lenker) in the seat. Chief 59-2 was in command of the scenario, Chief 59-2 advised the incoming units of a single vehicle accident with rollover scenario with one occupant inside the vehicle and the other underneath the vehicle both entrapped.

The Rescue and Engine arrived on location with Lt. 59-1 (Hahn) taking operations. The crews stabilized the vehicle along with the crew splitting up, with each crews taking one patient. The one patient under the vehicle was extricated first in about 8 minutes utilizing the airbag system. The other patient was extricated in about 7 minutes after that taking the front and rear doors along with the “B” post.

After the scenario was over, a quick meeting was had with the chiefs that observed the operation scenario to go over pros and cons. Once the meeting was completed, the crew was told to take the vehicles doors and roof along with anything else the crew wanted to try. The chiefs want the crews to utilize the time they have in training to prepare them for the real life situations that may arise.

Command: Chief 59-2 (Brown)
Operations: LT. 59-1 (Hahn)

Rescue 59
Engine 59
Command 59: 1, 2, 3

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