Landvater Road Structure Fire

Around 21:30 (4/16), Dauphin County Communications was slammed with calls for flooding and numerous other water related calls with the area receiving about three inches of rain. Company 59 was about the only company not responding to many calls for service until Box 54-2 was struck for a possible structure fire at 1940 Landvator Road in Londonderry Township. Tanker 59 responded immediately with LT. 59 in the seat. Tanker 59 turned on to School House Road with smoke in the area. Captain 54-1 arrived at the address reporting a working fire in the basement with extension, setting up 54 Command.

Command 54 requested a first alarm assignment bringing in Engine 59 as well. Tanker 59 arrived just in front of Engine 54 and Engine 88 with Tanker 59 taking the one side of the road dropping the Port-A-Tank at the driveway with Engine 54 laying in from the driveway with Engine 88 taking the supply engine detail. LT. 59 went to work with the tanker dropping water and setting up a tanker shuttle. Lt. 59 along with Truck 88 and Engine 88 crews made its way up the long driveway and the “hill.” The crews started pulling lines and started fire attack in the basement and the first floor of the house with fire venting out of the basement area of side B of the house.

Engine 59 responded with five personnel moments after dispatch, Engine 59 arrived and sent crews up the driveway to assist with suppression. Chief 59-2 took the manpower assignment. The first floor of the home was heavily damaged along with the basement area with the first floor practically burnt threw. As the crews were darkening down the fire and making good headway command 54 advised of one person still not accounted for, crews from 88 and 59 started to search. The crews located two deceased pets with command advising later all persons were accounted for.

Companies from 59, 88 and 54 all knocked the fire down relatively quick. Crews then exited the house and started extensive overhaul and checked for extension ensued. The incident was placed under control at 22:03. Engine and Tanker 59 remained on scene until approximately 01:30 hours assisting with overhaul before being released by Command 54.

Command: Captain 54-1
Operations: Captain 54
Manpower: Chief 59-2
Water Supply: Chief 54-1

Engine: 59, 88, 54, 54-1, 46, 48-1 (RIT)
Truck: 88
Tanker: 59, 54, 47, TL3, TL4, TLC7-11
Lebanon Rehab 180
PSP Fire Marshall

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