Tanker 59 to Harrisburg City?

Yesterday, (418), Tanker 59 was dispatched to Harrisburg City Fire Station 2 for a transfer assignment. Harrisburg City was working on a large water main break that left the cities fire hydrants unreliable. Four tankers were requested with two being sent to Station 1 and two being sent to Station 2. Tanker 59 transferred with Linglestown’s Tanker 35 to Station 2. The crew stood by for about 11 hours until being released by City Fire Command once water was restored to the cities fire hydrants. The tankers did not responded to any calls for service while out for the transfer.

A big thanks to B and & C shifts along with the City Chiefs for the hospitality along with Lunch and Dinner while standing by.

Transfer Tankers:
Station 2: Tanker 59, Tanker 35
Station 1: CC Tanker 20, Tanker 37

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