Structure Fire on Lake Drive

Yesterday (4/20), Company 59 along with mutual aid units were dispatched for a possible structure fire at 102 Lake Drive. The police department was quickly on the scene with heavy smoke from a trailer and advised of a working fire. Chief 59-2 (Brown) responded along with Engine 59-1 and Engine 55 within a minute of dispatch with full crews.

Chief 59-2 arrived on location along with Chief 55 confirming the report, setting up Command 59. Chief 59-2 advised Chief 55 to take operations for the incoming units. Engine 59-1 and Engine 55 arrived within seconds of each other with Engine 55 taking the residence and Engine 59-1 taking the hydrant. Engine 59-1 and Engine 55 stretched two handlines into the trailer and knocked the fire down in the living room area within about 10 minutes with extensive overhaul.

Chief 55-1 (Tripp) and Lt. 59 (Lenker)along with other 59 and 55 crews did a primary search of the residence to make sure no victims were in the trailer along with reports of two missing pets. The crews located the pets under a bed in the back bed room and extricated the pets. The crews with the help of EMS started care of the pets. The pets were not burned but had smoke inhalation and crews gave the pets oxygen utilizing the Pet O2 masks.

Engine & Rescue 59 arrived on location with Truck 88 all sending manpower to the residence. LT. 59-1 took manpower to keep the crews fresh inside the structure. Rescue 44 arrived on location taking the R.I.T assignment (Rapid Intervention Teams) setting up on the side of the residence.

Command marked control at 17:11 and awaited the Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshal and FM 59 to arrive on location. Command scaled the event down to Company 59 and Engine 55 releasing the balance. Once the investigation was completed, Command 59 placed the box in service.

Command: Chief 59-2 (Brown)
Operations: Chief 55 (Conrad)
Manpower: LT. 59-1 (Hahn)

Engine: 59, 59-1, 55
Truck: 88
Rescue: 59, 88, 44 (RIT)
Tanker: 59
Fire Police: 59, 55
South Central EMS
Lower Swatara Police Department
Highspire Fire Department

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