Day and Evening Working Vehicle Fires

Yesterday, (5/14), Company 59 ran two working vehicle fires. One vehicle fire was in the morning around 930. Tanker 59 was due on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Westbound after the turnpike bridge for a working van fire. Tanker 59 responded once arriving on scene went to work extinguishing the fire. The van fire was knocked within a few minutes by 59 and 68 crews. Command 76 (Captain 55) marked control and the box was placed in service within 45 minutes.

Command 76: Captain 55

Engine: 55, 68 (York)
Tanker: 59
Rescue: 68 (York)

The second vehicle fire was dispatched on PA 283 westbound before the airport connector around 5 pm. The caller reporting smoke in the cab of the truck and he was out of the vehicle. Chief 59-2 responded along with Engine and Tanker 59 right behind him. Chief 59-2 arrived on location with a working fire and setting up Command 59. Engine 59 arrived on location and the crew stretched one handline and knocked the fire down in the cab area. The fire was marked under control within five minutes of arrival. Command 59 placed the box in service in about 20 minutes of the call.

Command: Chief 59-2 (Brown)

Engine 59
Tanker 59
Command 59

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