Sink Hole causes small Gas Leak

Yesterday (5/19), Engine 59 and Truck 88 were dispatched to an automatic fire alarm on AIP drive in the township. Command 59 was about to clear the incident when box 59-4 was struck for a possible gas leak in the area of greenwood circle. Engine 59 responded immediately along with Truck 88. Engine 59 took the hydrant on Greenwood Drive and truck 88 staged right behind the engine. Both the Engine and Truck crews investigated, finding a sink hole with no gas leaking. UGI was notified, once arriving on scene located a very small leak in a different area from the sink hole. Once control was marked and UGI deemed everything safe and no fire department services were needed, Command 59 placed the box in service.

Command: LT. 59

Engine 59
Truck 88

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