Engine 59-1 takes in Middletown Structure Fire

Yesterday, around 11 a.m., Company 59 was dispatched to Box 88-1 the address being 15 E. Roosevelt Avenue for a working structure fire. The police department was on the scene with heavy smoke and fire. Chief 88-2 arrived on location confirming the same report and stuck first alarm. Engine 88 arrived on location tagging a near-by hydrant and laying in to start fire attack. Engine 59-1 responded, once arriving secured a water supply along with sending the crew to assist with fire attack. The 88 crew did a great job knocking the bulk of the fire down, the 59 crew assisted inside with opening up and attacking fire in the attic and back bedroom areas. Once most of the fire was knocked down, other crews were rotated in to keep everyone fresh and to start investigation. The fire marshal completed his investigation within 45 minutes and the crew was back in the house hitting hotspots along with salvage and overhaul.
Command 88 marked control at 11:17:00 and held the box to Company 88 and Engine 59-1 releasing all other units when ready. The 59 crew assisted with a wet down and breaking down the water supply along with packing supply line. The box was placed in service at 13:07:16.

Command: Chief 88-2
Operations: Captain 88
Manpower: Chief 55-2

Engine: 59-1, 59, 88, 55, 54, ELC7-4-1 (RIT)
Truck: 88, 46, 50
Rescue: 59, 88, 50
Air: 41
Utility: 54
MICU 7-3
Middletown Police Department
Lower Swatara Police Department
UGI and PP&L
American Red Cross

Photos Courtesy of PennLive
More Pictures Coming Soon….

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