Water Rescue and Accident with Injuries Simultaneously

On the last day of July, Box 59-9 was dispatched for a boat in distress. Utility and Boat 59 responded along with Chief 59 immediately. Chief 59 and the Water Rescue unit arrived at highspire boat launched and due to the low water; Boat 59-1 was put in to navigate the low waters. The boat in distress was located near the end of HIA (Harrisburg International Airport). Boat 59-1 crew checked for any injuries and towed the boat into the S. Union Street boat launch. Boat 59-1 was about 30 feet from the dock when Box 59-5 was struck for an accident with injuries. Chief 59-2 took over command on the 59-9 box while Chief 59 responded to the accident. The boat was returned safety to the dock and Chief 59-2 placed the Susquehanna River Box in service.

Command: Chief 59 & Chief 59-2

Utility 59
Boat 59 & 59-1
Command 59
Command 59-2

Once the boat call was beginning to wrap up, Box 59-5 was struck for an accident with injuries in the area of 283 southbound near the turnpike bridge. Chief 59 along with Rescue and Engine 59 responded. Chief 59 arrived on location with a vehicle down the embankment with injuries with all persons out of the vehicle. Rescue 59 arrived on location and sent crews to start patient care and to check the vehicle for hazards. The vehicle was secured and the three occupants care was transferred to EMS in which the occupants were transported, the crew a waited for a tow. Once PSP arrived on location no fire services were needed, Command 59 placed the box in service.

Command: Chief 59

Rescue 59
Engine 59
Command 59
Fire Police: 59
MICU 4-1
Pennsylvania State Police
Lower Swatara Police Department

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