Confinement on Oberlin Road

Yesterday, August 19th, Company 59 along with Rescue 88 was dispatched to 330 Oberlin Road for a vehicle accident with possible entrapment. Chief 59-1 marked up on the air quickly and responded along with Rescue 59 with five personnel. The police department was on scene confirming two people still inside the vehicle. Chief 59-1 arrived on scene with a single vehicle overturned with two occupants still inside but just confined. Rescue 59 arrived on location, pulling tools and going to work extracting the occupants. Rescue 88 arrived on location and assisted with extraction of the occupants. Both the driver and passenger were hung upside down by their seatbelts almost uninjured; the crews removed both occupants via the rear window within seven minutes of arrival, once gaining access. Engine 59-1 along with Utility 59 arrived on location and assisted with removal of the occupants along with fire protection. Once both occupants were removed, Command 59 held the box to Rescue 59 releasing all available units at the scene.

** This is a great example of how seatbelts save lives**

Command: Chief 59-1
Operations: Chief 59-2

Rescue: 59, 88 & 49
Engine 59-1
Utility 59, 54
Lower Swatara Police Department
Middletown Police Department
University EMS: MICU 4-1, 4-2

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