First Due Accident and Confinement in 49 Box

This afternoon, Box 59-6 was struck for an accident with injuries. The address was given as 2699 Fulling Mill Road, the police department was on scene with a two vehicle accident with one in the backyard of the residence with one injury. Chief 59-1 along with Rescue 59 responded immediately, once the units arrived on location, the rescue crew took the single vehicle in the backyard. Engine 59-1 responded and took the vehicle blocking traffic for fluid control. The rescue crew removed the patient from the vehicle and transferred care to EMS.
As the Fulling Mill Road accident was rapping up, Dauphin County Communications dispatched Box 49-1 for an accident with entrapment in the area of Eisenhower BLVD and Lindle Road. The police department was on scene of a two vehicle accident with the pick-up truck on its side with one person confined inside. Rescue 59 was added to the box by Chief 49 due to the rescue already out and clearing the 59-6 box. Rescue 59 arrived on location with Rescue 44 and started to stabilize the vehicle. Once the vehicle was stabilized, the crews started extraction of the single patient. Rescue 49 arrived on location, pulling a protection line for fire protection. The crews removed the roof and assisted EMS with the removal of the patient. Once the patient was in care of EMS, crews secured the vehicle and fluids, with no fire services needed, Command 49 placed the box in service.

Command: Chief 49
Operations: Chief 44

Rescue: 59, 49, 44
Swatara Fire Police
Swatara Police Department
Swatara EMS
University EMS

Confinement Pictures Courtesy of Swatara Fire (49):

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