Rising Water brings Evacuations and Rescues

Since Wednesday (9/6), Company 59 along with every company in Dauphin County has been out working countless hours to evacuate and Rescue stranded victims. The calls started pouring on Wednesday Morning and have not stopped since, Crews from Lower Swatara, Hummelstown, Middletown and Company 10 (River Rescue) were out for hours, evacuating along with rescuing people from homes along RT. 230 at the Lisa Lake area. The crews removed a total of about 60 victims from the rising waters along with countless pets, ranging from Dogs and Cats to Bunnies. The crews have not stopped since and will continue to work with no stop in sight.

The crews also responded to numerous water in basements, gas leaks, EMS calls to structure collapses in the township area. Company 59’s water unit has been activated in areas around the township area from Hummelstown, Middletown and Highspire areas along with structure collapses in Derry Township and Middletown Boro as well.

Command 59 (1, 2, 3)
Engine 59
Rescue 59
Utility 59
Boat 59, 59-1

Mutual Aid:
Middletown Water Rescue (88)
Hummelstown Water Rescue (46)
Harrisburg River Rescue (10)

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